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Catholic Outreach set to expand pastoral care programs

St Emilie de Vialar Canning Vale Parish Priest, Fr Chien Nguyen; Catholic Outreach Officer Betty Thompson; assistant priest, Fr Anibal Leite da Cunha and Catholic Outreach Director Peter Mc Minn discuss the last issue of the LifeLink newsletter, which prominently featured Catholic Outreach as one of LifeLink’s supported agencies. Photo: Marco Ceccarelli Catholic Outreach’s pastoral care

Catholic Outreach programs a win-win situation for volunteer and receiver

Catholic Outreach Director, Peter Mc Minn and Catholic Outreach Officer, Betty Thompson are pictured outside their office in the Catholic Pastoral Centre, Highgate. PHOTO: Marco Ceccarelli As part of the 2015 LifeLink Winter Appeal, the eRecord is this month taking a closer look at the work undertaken by organisations such Identitywa, Centrecare, Catholic Ministry for