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For the ongoing success of a Parish Pastoral Care Program it is important to offer parishioners (preferably annually) the opportunity to recommit themselves as Volunteers.  An annual recommitment offers Volunteers the opportunity to recognise changed circumstances within their lives (eg last year they may have volunteered to undertake transport jobs but because they have more time this year, they would like to also carry out visits to the sick).

Annual recommitment also increases the awareness within the parish of the operation of the Pastoral Care Program.

With regular recommitment most parishes discover that some Volunteers are not called upon during the year. It is important to acknowledge this during the recommitment so that Volunteers are aware that their offer to help is appreciated even if they are not called.

It is also useful to give some feedback to parishioners responding to the previous year’s operation of the Pastoral Care Program (eg number and type of tasks undertaken).

Parishioners who do not want to make a commitment at this time can be asked to pray for the ongoing success of the Parish Pastoral Care Program. Intercessions for the Parish Pastoral Care Program should also be included in the Prayers of the Faithful.