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In addition to the Coordinators Committee some parishes may wish to set up a Parish Care Committee. This Committee is the local support group for the Coordinators. The Committee should include the Parish Priest, the Coordinators, and a member from other significant church services, eg St. Vincent de Paul Society. This will facilitate sound communication and cooperation between the groups.

The Committee’s mandate is to consider:

  • maintaining a viable number of Coordinators
  • acting as a sounding board for Coordinators
  • assisting with the extension of services
  • assisting with recommitment days
  • helping in the organisation of functions surrounding the activities of the Pastoral Care Program

Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining the Program in the Parish

Before a Program is implemented the Parish Priest must give his approval and the Parish Council must give its support.

A launch Committee consisting of people with a potential interest in Care should be recruited. Many of the launch Committee will become Pastoral Care Coordinators.

New Parish Priests should be inducted into the role and function of the Pastoral Care Program both within the parish and within the community.