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  • to direct its efforts towards assisting parish and regional based care projects, and to facilitate their interaction with professional services provided by established agencies in the Archdiocese.
  • to assist in the total Christian development of parishioners by enabling them to discover and carry out charitable endeavours.

Catholic Outreach Constitution

Aims of Pastoral Care Programs

  • to enable each Parish to invite parishioners to offer voluntary assistance to people in need within the parish and wider community.
  • to work on a non-professional basis with the support of the parish priest and in conjunction with other voluntary groups operating in the Parish.
  • to ensure there is access to professional care agencies when the need arises.
  • to provide a vehicle by which people in need are referred to Coordinators who match their needs with available volunteers.
  • to promote the education and spiritual formation of participants in the Church’s care network in accordance with Catholic ethos. Positive development in community building and personal relationships are a direct result.
  • to develop awareness of the care needs among fellow parishioners and to encourage the development of confidence, skills and commitment necessary to provide care services within the parish and wider community.