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Coordinators meetings are important and extremely valuable if not over done (monthly meetings are recommended). Keep them short and to the point. They sustain communication, stimulate ideas and give you time to make decisions and plan action.

Discussions are often educational and help broaden your thinking. It is recommended that brief minutes be kept to record the business of the meeting. Family names should not be recorded in Minutes. Confidentiality should surround all meetings.

Recommended Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Opening Prayer
    • An Outreach Prayer
      Lord, in Scripture you say to us: Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Mt 25, 40)
      We praise and thank you for your presence in us.
      Your presence has led us to be caring people.
      Your presence has allowed us to accept care from others.
      Save us from any spirit of selfishness or pride.
      Send to us your Holy Spirit as our helper and our guide so that we can care for each other as we care for ourselves.
    • or Care and Concern Prayer
  3. Minutes of the last meeting
  4. Business Arising from the minutes
  5. Case Reports – give reports and compare notes and action taken
  6. Management of the Care Group
    • Can we improve the system
    • Any changes to Coordinators or Volunteers
  7. Any other business

It is recommended that meetings finish with a prayer followed by a “cuppa” as fellowship helps to develop closer links between members of the parish family.